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letterpress research

I am writing an application for a grant to go to the UK and America for 10
weeks in the first half of 2002 to experience and research small presses.
I make artists books both with computers and letterpress and will be
finishing art school here in Canberra in 2001. I'm intrigued by the book
arts opportunities overseas that seem to be available (I am green with envy
as I read the BookArts listings!). I would like to set up a letterpress
workshop for myself but equipment is hard to find in Australia!
Has anyone got suggestions for productive ports of call for such a
relatively short trip? I would like to see how other presses are set up,
explore avenues of distribution, maybe attend a few short workshops on
binding or setting, plus visit some museums or galleries.

Caren Florance

Outside of a dog,
A book is Man's best friend
Inside of a dog,
It's too dark to read.
(Groucho Marx)

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