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the vandercook made it home

I wanted to drop a  note to the list and everyone who was so kind as to give=
 me their advice about the Vandercook 4.  Last Saturday morning we picked it=
 up, strapped it in and  made the trip up the NJ turnpike, over the=
 cross-Bronx and up I-95 to it's new home in New England .  Nothing fell=
 over or out. Getting it down from the truck and into the studio was an=
 exercise in appreciating ones friends and neighbors and gaining a renewed=
 respect for the  lever.  I am baking thank-you pies today.  We got the=
 press from a printer in Hoboken who had inherited it and an entire print=
 shop from his father and grandfather.  He was great to meet  and very=
 helpful in getting it loaded.  It's picked up a lot of oily dust and grunge=
 from being stored for awhile but is otherwise in great shape.  It's been=
 used alot but  by someone who knew what they were doing. Nothing missing or=
 broken, nothing seems to  be  sticking and the carriage rides well. Both=
 the  steel and rubber rollers are in good shape.  It doesn't have the paper=
 strapping system but it did come with a second  cradle of rollers that=
 appear to be of another durometer than those on the press.
    I found the serial number to check out it's history but I don't think=
 it's traveled far from it's origins.  The gentleman I got it from tells=
 mine his grandfather was the original owner and used it to print the=
 announcements for the Yankees.  When we looked it over we discovered my=
 husband's name printed on one of  the  roller packing sheets.  Karma! =
 Anyway I can't wait to clean it up.  Also if there is anyone out there who=
 is looking for a "lead miterer" for beveling type boxes/cases ( I am not=
 that familiar with it's use but if you need one you probably know) the=
 printer also  has one of these he wants to sell. Let me know and I can out=
 you in touch with him.
Thanks again, Yvonne
Yvonne Leonard
Printmaking Program
Savannah College of Art and Design
Post Office Box 3146
Savannah, Georgia  31402-3146
Telephone:  (912) 525-6405

Oyster Street Press
Bluffton, SC 29910

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