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Laser printing

A client recently brought me a book that he had printed on his laser
printer to be bound. It was a small edition, numbered and signed. I have
no idea how much he was asking for it. I had qualms about binding such a
thing, since, as a letterpress printer, I have a strong prejudice
against these 'new-fangled' methods. Can we really know how permanent
they are? Does anyone care? I tend to think that if I'm producing fine
art, it should have some degree of guaranteed permanence. Am I being
unrealistic? Old-fashioned?

Now a friend is asking my advice about buying a printer to print his
books. What do I say? OK, if he wants to spread his art around, no
problem. Print off a few hundred at $899 each. But signed, numbered,
supposedly to-be-rare books.

Speak to me, Oh List!

Yehuda Miklaf

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