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Re: Laser printing

Laser toner is permanent. Check the International Association of Fine
Art Digital Printmakers for longevity test results. However, laser
toner doesn't stick to all papers. The test is whether it smudges. My
experience has been that it smudges on every coated paper, even those
rated for digital printing. I've had good results with the wrong
(rough) side of kintaki.

As you know the digital typeface quality is still inferior to typeset
(at least I think so), and many of the people who feel comfortable
using it are hack typesetters. I presume people who collect fine
books can detect the difference. If your name goes on it, and people
know you as a letterpress printer, you'll be the one to take the fall
if there's a problem. (again in my opinion!) You're the expert, after

Finally in my opinion Hewlett-Packard printers are still the best.


>A client recently brought me a book that he had printed on his laser
>printer to be bound. It was a small edition, numbered and signed. I have
>no idea how much he was asking for it. I had qualms about binding such a
>thing, since, as a letterpress printer, I have a strong prejudice
>against these 'new-fangled' methods. Can we really know how permanent
>they are? Does anyone care? I tend to think that if I'm producing fine
>art, it should have some degree of guaranteed permanence. Am I being
>unrealistic? Old-fashioned?
>Now a friend is asking my advice about buying a printer to print his
>books. What do I say? OK, if he wants to spread his art around, no
>problem. Print off a few hundred at $899 each. But signed, numbered,
>supposedly to-be-rare books.
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