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Re: Permanence and disintegration

Permanence as a characteristic of a work of art is an important issue, and it's
great that so many people on this list are discussing it.

As far as permanence goes, in a lightfast sense, excellent information is at:


In particular, read “Inks and Media for Desktop  Inkjet Printers: Years of
Print  Display Before Noticeable Fading  Occurs.” It is about the Epson Stylus
Photo 2000P printer --   specifically designed to use high-stability, fully
pigmented inks that accelerated  light fading  tests indicate will last in
excess of 100 years on display at 450 lux  for 12 hours per day before
noticeable fading occurs.

In 1992 The Center for Book Arts exhibited _AGRIPPA (A Book of The Dead)_, with
text by WIlliam Gibson and etchings by Dennis Ashbaugh, published by Kevin
Begos. The text was on a floppy disk that erased itself as you read it.

Permanence does not create value, or qualify a work as art. Many things made of
fine materials have no redeeming aesthetic value. And Franz Kline did many
paintings on newsprint, actually on telephone book pages, because that's what he

As far as computer-direct printing goes, I've been using inkjet on handmade
paper for more than 10 years. Inside a book it's as dark as inside a dog, so
lightfastness has not been an issue. It doesn't flake off--the paper fibers are
stained by the ink. I print in black, and hand color and/or gild images, so the
color is permanent and there are no "dots" or halftone screen. You can see some
examples at

http://minsky.com/mib.htm  -- Minsky in Bed

http://minsky.com/mag.htm -- Minsky's Animal Magnetism

http://minsky.com/am.htm -- Jonathan Williams  ANATHEMA MARANATHA  21 Poems with
Pictures by Bill Anthony

http://minsky.com/tp47.htm -- Tom Phillips / Heather McHugh: WHERE ARE THEY
NOW?  (The Class of Forty-Seven)



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