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Re: Permanence (was Laser printing)

Thank you for addressing this in a very professional and precise manner. I
am always very impressed when I look at a page or volume from the 14th &
15th century. How glad I am that the issue of permanence was important to
those authors and printers. I can only dream that someone in the 25th
century will be impressed with some of my printing.

Long Live Low Tech!



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From: "DT Fletcher" <FletcherOR@AOL.COM>
Sent: Tuesday, December 19, 2000 8:47 PM
Subject: Re: Permanence (was Laser printing)

> Replying as an independent writer and producer of history books.  It is
> critical to me (personally) that the books I produce be a permanent
> record-of-history. Once I'm gone, that's it. These books are not likely to
> produced again. Since, I much prefer that my work be of lasting
> it is important that the work be in a form that lasts.  If there is one
> that I've learned in my experience of researching, writing, and producing
> history books it is; history is very fragile thing. Much like your book
> disapears upon being read, it takes tremendous effort to preserve it.
> DT Fletcher

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