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Re: Permanence (was Laser printing)

The issue is much smaller than that. The digital fine artists were
the ones who pushed and pushed (and pushed) for inkjet inks that
lasted more than six months. We now have inks rated for 75-100 years
on acid=free paper under normal museum conditions. Our fear is that
something won't last long enough. I don't think we expect it to be
eternal. The very practical reason for the concern is that the inkjet
printers and consumables are horrifically expensive and if we can't
produce anything marketable with them (to pay for them), then the new
technology is useless.

Your discussion for some reason set me to picturing what would happen
if we put our 75 year ink on 70 year paper.

>What is the big deal with "permanence"? I hear many people in the book-arts
>world concerned about it. What exactly are people concerned about? and why?
>If something has a high "degree of guaranteed permanence" will it be around
>nearly forever? Is this desireable?
>Does permanent mean that the object maintains its original form and content
>ad infinitum? Or can we accept permanence on an atomic level. If my
>understanding of physics is correct, the atoms which comprised "Adam" and
>"Eve" are still with us, only now they can be found in things like tomatoes
>and "no left turn" signs.
>I have to admit that, when I encounter this desire for permanence, my
>kneejerk response is to devise highly volatile books. Books which
>disintegrate as you read them. But that is only my reactionary self.
>I am not all opposed to people striving to do quality work, or being aware
>of the results of the technology they use. I'm just curious why we value
>permanence over impermanence
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