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Re: Second Call for Suppliers

Hello Mary,

I am writing to respond to your call for suppliers. I have been a
graphic artist for 15 years and have been making custom books and boxes
for five years. Your needs sound almost exactly like the type of work
that I do.

Unfortunately, I am leaving town for the holidays tomorrow morning, so I
don't have time to respond properly. May I send you a better letter to
introduce myself after the New Year?  I will be back in my studio on
January 3 and will write to you again on or very shortly after that

Have a good holiday,


Laura Russell
Graphic Design & Custom Books
4425 W. 50th Avenue
Denver, CO 80212
Phone: 303-477-7845
Fax: 303-477-5767
Email: lrussell@qwestinternet.net

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