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Re: Laser printing

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> From: "Yehuda Miklaf" <mfritz@NETVISION.NET.IL>
> Sent: Tuesday, December 19, 2000 8:27 AM
> Subject: Laser printing
> >
> > Now a friend is asking my advice about buying a printer to print his
> > books. What do I say? OK, if he wants to spread his art around, no
> > problem. Print off a few hundred at $899 each. But signed, numbered,
> > supposedly to-be-rare books.
> >
> > Speak to me, Oh List!
> >
> > Yehuda Miklaf
> > Jerusalem

I should introduce myself before I launch into an opinion <g>...Marion,
newly arrived in the Highlands of Scotland, fascinated by books.  I came to
being interested in artists books through a circuitous route that involves
textiles and textile art (I have an exhibition in Scotland next year of
collaborative artquilts from across the world, thanks to a list I run...),
some painting and drawing, then journalling and some involvement in
'zines...and now the desire to pull all the strands of my creative life
together in books.

I also play the lute.  What's that got to do with the question, I hear you
holler <g>.  Well...I play the early music of my country and others...there
is no way of knowing what 'authentic' actually means in the context of
playing techniques, since the texts on the subject are lost, or never
existed, or are unclear and the paintings of lute players have their hands
in remarkable, but not very practical positions <g>.  What I guess I'm
saying is, if I had too many scruples, I would  never make a note on my
lovely lute, and that would be a great loss.  I can play the same music on
the guitar, but it doesn't have the same intimacy that you get from playing
the lute.

I guess, not to thump on about it, that there is room for all sorts of art,
and music, in the world, and we pays our money, and takes our choice.  From
the practical point of view, because I want to learn to print, on both
fabrics and paper, I've joined a printmakers cooperative, and will learn to
use all sorts of exciting, and old <g>, technologies...which I hope I will
use to good effect.  I listen, I learn.  And, having dipped my toe in the
waters of this august forum, I might even ask a question or two...I don't
know anyone here, much less anyone who makes books...
Marion (in chilly Scotland)

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