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Re: Laser printing

I went from a 5MP to a 6MP, print at 600 dpi and 150 lpi when I have
graphics. Wouldn't dare print on gloss for fear of melting the gloss.
Everything I have ever printed on either of these machines has had
the same problem - the print rubs off. Folded letters transfer print,
so I fold them inside out now. I made my own business cards for seven
or eight years before discovering THEY rub off and looked scuffed
after they've been stored the way people store business cards.
Envelopes returned by the post office are missing half a layer of
toner. If I rub two printed sheets together, after they've been
printed for months, the toner still powders off and smudges.

I use Azon Heavyweight Premium on my HP color injet.  I made
beautiful color prints for a mailing and folded them inside letters -
the letters smudged all over the color prints. The newspaper keeps
its ink on better than my laser prints do. It's discouraging and

I use HP cartridges and can't imagine that I would have two defective
printers, one after the other.(Actually I CAN imagine that, but you'd
think I was paranoid!)

I'm calling all commercial papers "coated." Over the years I have
used so many with no solution. By"uncoated", I mean fine printmaking
paper,  etching paper or Japanese watercolor paper. The toner seems
to stick nicely to those, except for Superfine which doesn't look as
good to me when it comes out.

Maybe I'm unreasonably picky. It wouldn't be the first time.


>I've used a Hewlett-Packard 5MP (600 dpi) and now have a Hewlett-Packard
>4050 w/duplex attachment (1200 dpi) to print the books I've published
>and, to me, the results are satisfactory.
>I have not had a problem with cover images smearing when printed on
>glossy paper.
>For colored images on covers I use an Alps MD-1000 printer and it
>also is satisfactory.
>Many years ago I did letterpress and understand the difference, but
>the laser printer allows me to publish & sell at a reasonable cost.
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