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Re: Laser printing

>I was seriously looking at the Tektronic color printers that advertised free
>black ink for life!   Kept looking hard at the specifications for the hiccup
>and if it was there it's speed. It appears that they're slow as syrup. It
>would take hours to print a single book. Anyone out there know any different?

Slow as syrup. I used a brand new one at Kinko's to see what it did.
It also won't print decently on Somerset Velvet from what I saw.
They're funny about letting you use your own paper. Price I don't

I'm using an Epson 3000 on Somerset Velvet with Lysonic inks for fine
art prints. The largest print area it can muster is 16"x20 - I don't
know why they say full bleed, unless I have an unrealistic idea of
what that means. The printer is also slow as syrup and ties up the
entire computer while it cranks out prints. The prints are gorgeous,
though, and the printer is a lot less money that the Tektronix. A set
of Lysonic cartridges lasts me through about a hundred dense prints.
There are only four cartridges.

The one that interests me is the new Epson - 5000 or 9000 - can't
remember. It runs from a RIP and has six cartridges and you can see
the difference. I don't know what the ratings are for their new inks.
www.iafadp.org publishes the lab test results. Cone graphics is
another great source of fine art digital printmaking supplies and

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