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Re: Laser printing

>I've used a Hewlett-Packard 5MP (600 dpi) and now have a Hewlett-Packard
>4050 w/duplex attachment (1200 dpi) to print the books I've published
>and, to me, the results are satisfactory.

This is very interesting, hearing from people about this particular
model. I've been considering buying an HP 4050 with duplex, so
it's good to hear that it delivers good quality. What I'd like to
know is:

1. How accurate is the registration when duplex printing? I'd like
to be able to proof my miniature books, which requires a maximum
error of 0.5mm between the two sides, preferably less. Is that
possible? Is the accuracy/error consistent or unpredictable? I
realise most people would hardly know whether the registration
that accurate, but if anyone fancies running a quick test I'd be a
happy chap!

2. What's the paper handling/feed like - any problems with paper
curl, esp. with duplex printing?

3. What's it like for printing thickish card and is it possible to
duplex that?

4. Are there any problems or weaknesses with any aspect of the

5. Any advice on which options are worthwhile or not? Do you know
how much memory is comfortable for 1200dpi duplex postscript
printing with some graphics?

6. Can it handle A5 paper?

I'd also be interested hear any information on these questions for
other duplex laser printers. I've also been wondering about Kyocera
printers (can't remember which models) because they have a great
attitude to reducing toner costs, they have long-life consumables
and a generally green range.

Thanks in advance for any help.

On the subject of permanence I haven't seen anyone mention that
laser toner doesn't soak into the paper, but sits on top. It seems
light fast, but it is very fragile as soon as you start to crease
the paper or rub it where printed. The inside of a book doesn't
usually get subject to those stresses, however. What I've not
heard about is how permanent the stickiness of the toner is -
presumably there is some kind of glue in the toner that allows it
to get heat-bonded to the paper, but does that break down


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