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Re: Laser printing

>I went from a 5MP to a 6MP, print at 600 dpi and 150 lpi when I have
>graphics. Wouldn't dare print on gloss for fear of melting the gloss.
>Everything I have ever printed on either of these machines has had
>the same problem - the print rubs off. Folded letters transfer print,
>so I fold them inside out now. I made my own business cards for seven
>or eight years before discovering THEY rub off and looked scuffed

Try spraying the printed page with fixative - available from art
shops. It's not a complete solution, and it's a bit messy and
inconvenient, but it improves things quite a bit. Alternatively,
for high-wear items like business cards, try laminating them, or
using an ink-jet printer.

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