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Re: Laser Printing

>A laser print will never smear ...

I don't think it smears if it adheres properly when first printed, but if
the paper texture doesn't allow the toner to fuse evenly, the prints from my
HP laserjet have certainly smeared.

On a related note, I have experimented with ironing color laser t-shirt
transfers onto paper too large or too heavy to run through the printer in
its own and had good results. The surface has a plastic-like feel to it and
the edge of the transfer can leave a noticable ridge if it isn't managed
properly, but a print that has been tacked on a wall near a bank of windows
shows for four years shows no noticible fading compared to a copy of the
same print that was left in a flat file.

Does anyone know the archival qualities of the transfers?

Best wishes,

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