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Re: Laser Printing/r-evans4

Interesting. I haven't done broad reading on laser printers and
thought the huge high-end prices had to do with their production
speed and networking capabilities. I didn't realize there were
opportunities to control quality, like  fusion temperature.  I
imagine those printers run on dedicated circuits.

That leads to something I hadn't thought of. I have a dedicated
circuit running the entire system, so the 6MP shares power with the
CPU, large montor, and a bunch of cards and gadgets. Everything is on
all the time, no matter what I'm doing, because I hate reconnecting
and rebooting. Maybe the laser printer can't get enough power to heat
properly. I guess I'll try it on a circuit by itself and see what

This particular smudge problem isn't from using an outdated
cartridge, in case anyone's wondering. When I had my bad cartridge
fiasco, the prints were already filthy when they came out of the

Thank you very much. I'll track down the references and see what
happens. Also will read about the high end laser printers at hp.

Best regards,
Mary Kay
Leave it to Evedom to give you great style. http://evedom.com

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