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Re: Permanence vs. Impermanence

Of course, there's permanence and then there's permanence. What about the
art object would one want to endure, exactly? The idea or inspiration will
disappear with the inevitable change of culture, which come to think will
radically alter the intended appearance of the object, as well, even if
that object were miraculously to survive into the long-range projective
ongoing present in exactly its original simon pure condition. Folk would
look at it with vastly different expectations and interests, their highly
peculiar notions of what one is supposed to see in a work of art altering
the actual perception of the object. They are certain to have
misconceptions about the past, and perhaps to feel the mixture of
veneration and impatience the subscribers to this thread seem to feel in
the presence of very old things. And this would warp the phenomenal object
beyond even the fondest most proprietary artist's recognition. The
permanence thread is reminiscent of Robert Graves's line, to invoke
posterity is to weep on one's own gravestone. But, to this lugubrious
intimation of mortality, and to Thuy's (and Shelly's), I would like to
cite Edwin Denby's poem (to a photograph by Rudy Burckhardt), Mid-Day

When they build for a milion a day to use it,
what is the point in say, five hundred years,
Abroad they've still got the pyramid of Whoosis,
Would it last in New York? The answer is, who cares.

So many a day makes anything like forever:
So a hydrant is (the joke is on the designer)
So the shutter of a camera is open forever,
So how's the fuckin wife, christ, couldn't be finer.

Isolated, active, attractive, separated,
Momentary, complete, neat, fragmentary,
Ordinary, extraordinary, related,
Steady, ready, harried, married, cute, astute, hairy.

Created equal as they say, so where's the pity?
In a split second a girl is forever pretty.


Happy holidays!

Michael Joseph

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