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intro and ink bleeding

I don't know if I 've said hello yet, so Hello!
My name is Jim Shepard.  I am actually focused on
papermaking at the moment, but when you have a hundred
sheets of hand made paper stacked up it sorta suggests a
book and since I am a writer, I would like to learn to make
some handmade books.  I've made several easy books...fold
and sew, but I've promised my son a bound journal as soon
as I can figure out how to do it properly.  The several
bookbinding books at our library are missing...

Now on ink/toner bleeding, I've noticed this on every
consumer printer I've had.  Any moisture, even humidity can
effect the print.  Surely there must be some "permanent"
toner cartridges out there, I'd call HP and ask.

One home solution may be the application of a fixative.
I use a light coating of unscented hair spray on pastels
and this works invisably and holds everything well.
You can also buy fixative at art supply stores.  It only
takes a few seconds to apply, and might be worth the little
trouble for important stuff.  Of course, please experiment
to see if there are any adverse reactions to your paper or
Good luck!
Jim Shepard

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