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Re: Looking for Papermakers in the San Fran Bay Area

Hi - I'm a papermaker, on hiatus for lack of energy. Too bad I'm
across the country from SF. Your enthusiasm makes me happy - I'm
picturing you mallet in hand with a mountain of cooked abaca beating
it strand by strand as fast as you can in a race against rot and
stench. And the look on your face when you finish all that back
breaking work and end up with only a handful of putrid pulp.(I once
pounded hemp for three days straight.)Please post here when you're

Good luck and best wishes,
Mary Kay

>Hello, the list!
>Any papermakers in the San Francisco/San Jose area who
>would like to get together and make paper when the
>weather gets warmer? I would like to make banana/abaca
>paper and have lots of uncooked fiber. I don't have
>equipment, but we can always improvise/use elbow
>Happy Holidays!
Leave it to Evedom to give you great style. http://evedom.com

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