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Drill Bits for paper

I have found using a dremel drill to work great for making holes for stab
bindings or oversewn bindings. From my experience, the key to getting a
really nice hole in paper is speed combined with a sharp bit. (In fact a
dremel is so fast that it almost burns through the paper.) I also found that
drilling the hole becomes easier with thicker stacks of paper. It may help
to clamp the stack of paper on either side of where you're planning to drill
so that the leaves are compressed while drilling.

One more tip: When I'm doing an oversewn binding I wrap the stack of leaves
and the cover in thick scrap paper (something like kraft paper) and tape it
tight and drill through the wrapping and the textblock. Then I sew while the
textblock is still wrapped. This holds the textblock together and prevents
the holes from becoming misaligned. Then when I am finished sewing I tear or
cut away the scarp paper wrapping.

Marlan Green

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