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Re: art and relationsips

Wow! what a way to end one year and begin another.

I take the position that there is no ANSWER to this question. Every Artist
has different priorities and needs.

A visual artist by nature is an insecure sort of person who is never quite
satisfied with their work and needs to work alone in a varying degrees of
seclusion. A visual artist who wants to be a part of society on many
different levels will want people in their life. If the artist is driven by
Art alone, then there is neither a need or ability to share their life with
others. There are those who can work their entire life consumed with their
work. While others seek acceptance by the business world. This desire for
acceptance drives them to seek a partner who can understand their artistic
world while not attempting to compete.

This divergence is what makes Art art. No two Artists will approach a
subject the same way. While this may make for an interesting discussion, I
have always admired the ability of each to choose their own set of
priorities. No one is right and no one is wrong.

Now, how is that for fence straddling?



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