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There is always hope

Dear list-members,
A message from P. Razzell to this list last February alerted me to the
troubles Arion Press of San Francisco was having with the property
owners. At the time of reading the related article "A war of different
type", I had felt upset thinking that such an excellent printing house
making books in good old traditional methods, might go under or
something like that. Therefore on Friday, two days ago, I was pleased to
learn from a segment in the Newshour (MacNeil- Lehrer report)program on
PBS that the dangers of eviction have been averted thanks to support
from private and official sources. At the same time, I thoroughly
enjoyed watching this segment dedicated to the world of Arion Press.
This 'bottega', contrasted with the dizzy speed and continous noise in
our everyday lives, looked like an oasis of tranquillity. The lady who
had been weaving the headbands for many years talked modestly about the
exacting and repetitive nature of her job without raising her eyes once
to the camera. The fellow typecaster for 40 years, caressing the newly
cast types, was pointing out to the reporter that the typefaces must
slightly shine and if they dont, there is something wrong. Andrew Hoyem,
the head printer, was explaining in a lovingly but sage tone the
subtleties of the folio size book (Holy Bible) which they printed
letterpress in 1000 copies and are in the process of completing slowly
the hand bindings. This kind of bookmaking 'speaks to the soul', to
borrow an expression of Delacroix. It uplifted my spirit and filled it
with hope. A nice gift for the 2001!


Rezan Peya Gökçen,

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