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art & relationships

>What are your thoughts? Can an artist be in a good relationship (love
>relationship) and still produce good work as an artist.

Of all the things to draw me out of lurking, I didn't think this would be
it. ;) My answer is ABSOLUTELY! As long as your partner understands what it
means to you to be an artist & is supportive of you as an artist. I am
lucky to be w/ another artist; we are each other's esteemed colleagues as
well as lovers, best friends & life partners. Interestingly, when we met
(10 yrs ago) neither of us were doing visual art. She was more of a
musician & I was more of a poet; now we are both more visual artists than
anything else.

I also know plenty of happily single artists.

Generally I believe you make better art when happy than when unhappy. I
really think that whole suffering artist thing is BS. Although "suffering"
over some crush makes for great inspiration! ;)

As for other relationships (friends, family, &c.) I notice I have a hard
time maintaining a significant relationship w/ anybody who really doesn't
*get* what art & the life of an artist are all about.  More & more I notice
my closest relationships are w/ other artists (including writers,
musicians, &c.)

Indigo Som

Poets don't have hobbies; they have obsessions --Leonard Nathan

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