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Re: art & relationships

I think a relationship can actually enhance someone's art, if the artist's =
"significant other" is willing to make sacrifices to support the artist.  =
Well, the situation I am describing below is not exactly what the original =
poster asked about, but I think it parallels the situation.

My father is not an artist, but a master craftsman (he manufactures =
extremely detailed, historically acurate model kits in HO scale).  He =
could not have started and maintained his business successfully without =
the support of my mother.  He does almost all the creative and difficult =
work, while my mom (who lacks any manual dexterity or real interest in the =
hobby) is consigned to the low-level tasks such as counting pieces into =
plastic bags and doing the accounting.  She does it purely out of love.

So, I imagine for you "real" artists, if you can get an S.O. to help you =
out, even  if it's only emotional support . . . I imagine it can only help =
you to concentrate on your work.  If you can get them to work in your =
business, so much the better.

Oh and remember, your kids can be a cheap, if unwilling, source of basic =
labor!  As I only know too well . . .  :^)

--Diane Westerfield
Bindery/Preservation Coordinator
Loyola University Chicago

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