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Re: art & relationships


>   The artists I know all produce better art (and more of it) when they're
>   happy.

Happiness is good.

>   The key, in my opinion, is to find a partner who views making art as
>   valuable and honorable work...

Nah, just a partner who doesn't oppose you because she sees art work as not

>   can discuss art at a level that is stimulating and engaging ...

My experience is that if one's spouse isn't an artist or very knowledgeable
about art, his or her comments could be trite, trivial, impressionistic,
self-referential, etc. And in my opinion, those conversations can be annoying
or merely distracting, not energizing at all.

>   and who is supportive in helping you develop and maintain 'a
>   room of one's own'.

Supportive is good.

>   Unfortunately, our society isn't turning out young adults with these
>   qualities at great speed. Public school budgets and bad administrators
>   relegate making art to the rank of frivolous extra-curricular activity and
>   the mass media portrays most artists as eccentric lunatics (Julianne Moore
>   in 'The Big Lobowsky' pops to mind).

Who cares? More of an audience for you and me.

>   Having a good partner also makes it much easier to suffer all those *other*
>   people in your life who don't quite get what you do (parents, siblings,
>   neighbors, etc.)

Oh, pooh pooh. I didn't marry my wife so she could help ease my suffering as an
artist who is the victim of society's pervasive misunderstanding. Hell, I have
strong biases against accountants, so they can claim the same thing!

Having a partner--wife, spouse, husband, lover, whatever--makes life better all
around, makes mornings better and evenings better.

Btw, is the single or unattached artist better off because he or she doesn't
have to endure the vitriol or spite of lovers' arguments? Mebbe yes? mebbe no?

Michael Brady
jbrady@email.unc.edu   http://www.unc.edu/~jbrady/index.html

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