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Re: art & relationships

>>   Unfortunately, our society isn't turning out young adults with these
>>   qualities at great speed. Public school budgets and bad administrators...
> Who cares? More of an audience for you and me.

Don't know if this was a serious response or meant as a funny remark, but an
uneducated audience isn't a very good audience; I'm not sure if having
*more* of that audience is desirable.

>>   Having a good partner also makes it much easier to suffer all those *other*
>>   people in your life who don't quite get what you do (parents, siblings,
>>   neighbors, etc.)
> Oh, pooh pooh. I didn't marry my wife so she could help ease my suffering as

No, but isn't it nice that she does?

I quit my full time engineering job to become a full time artist back in
April.  Since then, I've had the most unexpected response from my parents --
they tell me that I'm now a housewife and should learn how to cook and keep
my house clean.  If it weren't for my very supportive husband, I wouldn't be
able to laugh it off quite as easily.

> artist who is the victim of society's pervasive misunderstanding. Hell, I have
> strong biases against accountants, so they can claim the same thing!

And maybe they have a good case?  Oh-oh, now my cover's blown...


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