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Re: Book burning

Thank you for looking at the book burning. Since I posted the address of
the burning book (yesterday about 5 pm est) over 100 book_arts-l members
have looked at it (nobody else knows about it). There have been
questions, so here are the answers:

1. >It looks too good. Is it faked? How did you take the pictures?

With a bed of hot coals in the fireplace, I opened the book to about the
middle and placed it on the coals. The draft made it catch fire there,
shooting the high flames up through the center of the book. The flash on
the digital still camera (Olympus D360-L) was just right to balance the
flames. Then I grabbed it with tongs and put it in a large fry-pan, and
carried the burning book out the door and put it in the fresh deep snow.
That quenched the fire, and the snow brushed off, so there was no water

When I turned to go back in I found that the door had closed and locked
behind me, so I had to run around the house thru the snow in my slippers
to get in the side door, which fortunately was unlocked. Next time I'll
wear boots.

I've added a photo of the burned book as it will go into the reliquary:


2. >I thought it would be a movie.

I made an mpeg version, but the light from the fire makes it hard to
read the title (too much contrast when compressed to mpeg or Real
format), so I'm doing it over in a week or so with better lighting on
the book. When the movie is up I'll post the url.


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