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Minsky in LA

I'll be in southern California on a family visit toward the end of
February. We're thinking of arriving in LA about the 21st and staying
thru the 26th or so, with a drive to take Samantha (who will be 4 on the
28th) to the San Diego Zoo.

If you know of a group or institution in the area that wants to sponsor
a Minsky lecture or workshop on such short notice (but you save on
travel costs), please contact me off-list:


The last time I did West Coast lectures/workshops was 1981, and that was
north (OSAC in Portland, UW Seattle). I've never done one in California.
If you know of any interest on a better-planned schedule, please contact
me. Perhaps I can organize a tour that will minimize travel costs.

The next lecture I have scheduled is at The Hillwood Museum, Long Island
University, Westbury, LI on March 6. Judith Hoffberg will be giving a
lecture there February 6. These are in conjunction with the exhibit "Not
For Publication" which opens there in two weeks, with a reception on the
23rd in case you'll be in the NYC area.

The talk I give there will be partly about my own work, material as
metaphor, the Theory of Museum Finish, and partly about book art
resources on the web. Of course, Judith's talk is not to be missed,
because anything she talks about will be illuminating. I know of no
other living person who has as comprehensive knowledge of and experience
within the book art movement.

I would love to moderate a roundtable discussion on "The Book Art
Movement: History & Criticism" with audience participation. The
panelists could be Judith Hoffberg, Joan Lyons, Betty Bright, Johanna
Drucker, Stefan Klima. Is anybody interested in sponsoring that? Any
ideas of other panelists?

One of my favorite workshops to do is "Critique." Artists at all levels
bring their work and we discuss it. Everything is considered, from
conceptual framework to technical execution to effectiveness as art. It
works best with 6 to 14 participants.


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