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Re: Help: Any typographers or type setters

As far as charging per page for book design is concerned-

This is one of those questions that is answered by "it all depends".

It all depends primarily on the following:

        a. the complexity of the pages, what information goes on
those pages, how many illustrations, captions, notes, etc. This can
change the rate dramatically.

        b. book length; I would charge more per page for a shorter
book than for a longer one.

        c. how much the editors are expecting of you in the design
phase. I have worked on books for which the manuscript is handed over
clean and will only get minor changes in pages. I have also worked on
complex illustrated books that have received extensive editing after
I have put it into pages and this is a major pain in the ass.

        d. who is doing the typesetting? you or a compositor from
your sample pages.

        e. how badly you want to do the book.

Although this didn't tell you what you asked for, what to charge, I
hope this helps. In most ways this is as important as the price.

Ken Botnick

Ken Botnick
314.968.5060 voice
314.918.0976 fax

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