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Attention please...


This is to announce that all workshops at Waterleaf Mill & Bindery and
Pequeno Press will be suspended until summer. This goes for the
apprenticeship program as well. I have purchased a house in Santa Maria,
California, and will be building a brand new studio and apprentice's
apartment this Spring. It's a turn-of-the-century Victorian house, and I'm
very excited about the move.

By the way, I'm selling my house/studio/rental apt. in Bisbee AZ.  It's
perfect (because I made it that way!)  for an artist/craftsperson... very
large studio, separate office and separate bindery, all behind the house.
It even comes with a 33" electric guillotine! I'm NOT going to move that
sucker again!   Bisbee is a charming little mountain town (5300 ft alt.) in
the lower right hand corner of AZ, right near the Mexican Border and 1 1/2
hrs drive south of Tucson.
If you're interested, call me at (520)432-5924.

Pat Baldwin

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