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Re: Shipping books

At 7:06 PM -0500 1/7/1, Michael J Phillips wrote:

>Well gee whiz - if a box weighs two pounds and contains blank books and
>another weighs two pounds and contains printed books - why worry -- and what
>business really is it of the us postal service? It would give me a warm
>feeling to score a victory over the us postal service. Reminds me of sending
>a package overseas and having to declare whether it is printed matter with a
>letter or without a letter? Just what is a letter, handwritten, typewriter
>written, digital, cassette tape, etc etc - maybe an example of how technology
>is way past mere government thinking !

Well, to be fair... the whole idea of book-rate was to enable printed ideas
to more easily be circulated... kinda foreshadowed the progressive model of
the Internet....?

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