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Re: Photos

You have probably already considered color copying?  I have done that with
heritage photos and they look wonderful.  Even if you use someplace like
Kinko, you can bring your own paper and experiment with differents textures
to get an authentic look.  I reproduced an entire album, complete with the
handwritten additions from my great aunt.  If you plan ahead on the paper
size and copying layout, you could bind the copies as if they were the
original album itself.

Even if you want to restore the original album, I would recommend color
copying before you lose the photo quality -- and as a backup in case
preservation techniques don't work in some cases.

Judith Favia
Minneapolis, MN

----- Original Message -----
From: "Larry Miller" <larrym@MAIL.TALON.NET>
> I have several old 1890-1910 bound photo albums with the >photo's glued
onto the black pages. Some of the prints are just ?>starting to silver over.
Is there any method to save them?
> I should mention that there are hand written captions and I would >really
like to keep the album together.   I realize that there may not >be an easy
solution but the subject of the photo's and the person who assembled them
are important.

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