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Soaking off pastedowns

Greetings to the List.

We have recently been attempting to soak off the pastedowns from a 1912
Mrs Beeton's Cookbook.  Three days of aqueous soaking has done little
but to free the areas on the turn-ins, and small areas elsewhere.  The
addition of a surfactant only assisted initially to help the water
penetrate the pastedowns themselves.

Being animal glue, it is usually water reversible, but this batch is
very stubborn!  A little prising with the bone folder had little effect
but to cause tears.

We have actually given up trying to salvage the pastedowns on this book
now, and the customer has accepted this.  But, for future occasions, do
any learned members of the group know of any substances which can be
added to the soaking trays which might assist in loosening the animal
glue.  (Do we recall previous discussions concerning the use of

Thank you.

Peter Krantz.
Book Restorations.

Established 1976

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