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2002 CEC Entry Deadline Extended

In response to several requests, we have extended the deadline for enries for
the 2002 Calligraphers Engagement Calendar until February 10th, 2001. John

2002 Calligraphers Engagement Calendar
THEME: Earth, Air, Fire, Water
   Texts relating directly to the concept of the four elements and their
implications on philosophy, science and psychology (e.g. the writings of the
ancient Greeks - Empedocles, Hippocrates, Aristotle - or more contemporary
figures such as Carl Jung) are welcome as are quotes about any one or more of
these elements. You may select from a broad range of texts. A quote about
water or fire, for example, need not refer to the four elements or any
ancient philosophies. You may seek your texts from such sources as science,
astrology, religion or spiritual writings, poetry, prose fiction, mythology,
folklore, songs, nursery rhymes, as well as, philosophy and psychology.

FORMAT: The format is 7"x9" vertical with a maximum artwork area of
5"x6-1/2". Please request (can be sent via mail or fax) a full size template
or visit our website at www.JohnNealBooks.com

1. If you are submitting line art (calligraphy only or calligraphy with line
illustration), send camera-ready art in the form of a high quality positive
photostat. If you cannot get a photostat, please send us a high quality Xerox
or other similar photocopy for jurying purposes.
2. If your submission is more complicated send us a good quality Xerox copy
of the artwork with an explanation of the final form your piece will take.
(No rough drafts will be considered.)
3. If you are using your computer send a high quality laser or inkjet print
for jurying.

Original art or artwork in color CANNOT be accepted for jurying.

DEADLINE: The deadline for receipt of artwork is now February 10, 2001.

Please request a complete call for Entries from
John Neal, Bookseller, CEC 2002,
PO Box 9986, Greensboro, NC 27429.
email: info@JohnNealBooks.com

The 2001 Calligraphers Engagement Calendar is now available from John Neal,
Bookseller at a special price of $11.99 plus $3.95 priority mail shipping
($15.90 total for one calendar). The theme is Animals. This special price is
NOT listed on our web site, but you can use the NOTES to indicate you want
the special "Book Arts Listserve" price and shipping.


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