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Re: Photos

>Even if you want to restore the original album, I would recommend color
>copying before you lose the photo quality -- and as a backup in case
>preservation techniques don't work in some cases.

Another option is to take the photos to a photo restoring service.
These are reasonably common now - check with your local photo
processors. They won't restore the actual print, but they can
produce a new print that looks like the old one originally did.
They scan the photo, restore the effects of fading, repair any
damage like tears, scratches or folds etc, then produce a new
print on photographic paper. There is a lot of skill, and hence
expense, in repairing big tears across complex pictures, but basic
colour or contrast restoration is simple. If you wanted a new
print without any restoration at all, to preserve the look of the
print being old and faded, then that might be even cheaper and you
could probably negotiate a deal.


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