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Printing Workshop in UK

The Alembic Press is repeating its very successful one week letterpress=20
printing workshop, in July 2001. Details are at   <A=20

For those without web access, the workshop is in a thirteenth century stone=20
barn, with an Albion iron hand press, Arab and Peerless treadle platens,=20
Vandercook and Farley cylinder proof presses, Sigwalt and Adana table-top=20
platens and a wide range of metal and wood typefaces. The course uses these=20
presses, and includes hand setting of type and blocks, and the production of=
a book or broadsheet. It can include Monotype keyboarding and casting, museu=
visits, etc for those who so wish.=20

There is a maximum of four participants, so as to allow students to have=20
individual instruction, yet work at their own pace, and explore their own=20
particular interests, if they so wish. The course is Monday 23 July to Frida=
27 July and runs 10am to 4pm. The fee is =A3125 (or US$200) per person,=20
inclusive of tuition, basic materials, tea/coffee and lunch. If this course=20
is overscribed, another one will be offered earlier in the month.

Further details from Claire Bolton at AlembicPrs@aol.com

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