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Alternative Resources

The search for materials and supplies on this list are so helpful that I
thought I should add my own ideas. By being very resourceful one can find
just about anything close to home without having to order it from an out of
state supplier--thus saving time and shipping costs. For example:

To the person who needed a single screw post last week. I have found screw
posts at Home Depot, Eagle Hardware, Lowe's Hardware and even my small,
local True Value and Ace Hardware for about 23 cents a set. My True Value
store even has 1/4" extensions for screw posts that work perfectly if you
can't find exactly the size you need.

Yesterday I realized that I needed some Renaissance Wax for a project I
wanted to work on today. None of my local sources seemed to carry it, and it
was about 4:30 pm EST so neither Talas, Gaylord or Light Impressions would
overnight it to me. I missed the 3:00 Fed Ex deadline. I did a search on
Meta Crawler for Renaissance Wax and saw that it was listed under furniture
refinishing supplies. I called a woodworker's supply store two miles from my
house and discovered that they carried it--and it was $3.00 less than Talas!

A few weeks ago, someone on this list was looking for CD Jewell Cases. Well,
they are carried in just about every office and computer supply store for
people who burn their own CDs.

I have also found many book related things at yard sales and estate sales.
Tons of things to use a book weights, pieces of very nice leather, paper,
even an ink-jet printer that I print the interiors
of my books on.

With a little resourcefulness and a little persistence, we can find just
about anything we need and not spend a lot of money.

Does anybody have any other "alternative sources" of book arts materials,
supplies or equipment?

Makin' Books and Living Large,


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