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Re: Paint a Book Press


It depends on what you consider to be the value. If the value is in an
unrestored, original condition antique, don't paint it. But you should
remember that many book presses are not that valuable or rare, so they
don't have much value.

However, if you are like me and find the value in a working press,
cleaning and painting it help prevents stains caused by rust and flaking
paint and enhances the value.

I've disassembled my presses, cleaned them with paint stripper to get to
bare metal, wire brushed them at troublesome spots, primed and painted
them with Rust-o-leum Industrial Paint. These are available at most home
improvement/hardware stores. They are very tough and won't scratch off
as easily as other spray paints.

Make sure you cover up the thread areas to prevent paint from getting
into the workings.


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