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Re: Alternative Resources

In a message dated 1/13/01 1:37:14 PM, kevinthomas33@HOTMAIL.COM writes:

<< To the person who needed a single screw post last week. I have found screw
posts at Home Depot, Eagle Hardware, Lowe's Hardware and even my small,
local True Value and Ace Hardware for about 23 cents a set. My True Value
store even has 1/4" extensions for screw posts that work perfectly if you
can't find exactly the size you need. >>

I also found them at this quaint shoe maker's supply store here in Buffalo. A
real turn of the century place, but she has screw posts and leathers and
clasps and waxed linen and hinges. It's a hoot. If you have a place like that
in your city, you should visit.


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