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Materials Costs

>A question about how to charge my customers:
>A customer wants a book bound in leather and I have to purchase a full skin,
>but will only use half of the skin for his book. Is it customary or ethical
>to charge the customer for the full skin?
>I don't want to be left with a lot of skin pieces that I can't use someday.
>Inventory is not something that I cannot afford.

Altho I do not bind books in leather,
my policy as a graphic designer
and the creator of "limited edition"
invitations, announcements and all

has been since almost the very beginning:

If I need to buy something
to do your job;
you pay for it.

If you want 25 invitations
using paper and envelopes I don't stock
and ribbon I don't stock:
the price of the job
includes my charges AND
my costs for
a ream of paper/cardstock, a box of envelopes
and as many spools of ribbon and shipping
as needed.

BTW:  it is usually cheaper for me to buy
at the local XPEDX
than from companies
that sell smaller quantities
at much greater markups.

If the customer asks for the remainders,
(which they seldom do)
they can have them.

Otherwise, they are mine.

Hope this helps.

Hugs and Ciaobiddy

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