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Re: Alternative Resources

Kevin Thomas says,
>> A few weeks ago, someone on this list was looking for CD Jewell Cases. Well,
>> they are carried in just about every office and computer supply store for
>> people who burn their own CDs.
    In regard to the CD Jewell Cases, my local "Replay Records" (old records
and CDs), sells old CD cases for a greatly reduced price (actual price
depends on who is manning the desk!!)
    And, I never pass up a chance to visit an old hardware store in a small
town.  They carry an amazing array of small tools for specific trades in
their area which the chain hardware stores do not stock.
    My dentist has been a continuous supplier over the years of various
picks, scrapers, tampers, etc.  When he replaces them I get the old ones.
Before I had a Dremel, I even used one of his antique foot power operated
drill/burnishers for working on metal.
    I cut a lot of tules/reeds for papermaking and just found the best knife
for cutting them. Vineyard workers use this to cut the bunches of grapes and
to prune. This was in a sale in an old barn as part of an estate sale.
    My only regret is that there isn't enough time to check out all the
wonderful sources for tools I need, or think I need!  It does become an
Happy hunting!
Kathy Crump

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