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UNBOUND, a book exhibit available for travel

UNBOUND: Reshaping Artist's Books, an exhibition which examines the idea of
the book by presenting works made from unexpected materials such as metal,
wood, glass, cloth, clay and found objects , is available to travel to other
sites.  It has been on view in New York City at Henry Street Settlement
Abrons Arts Center from Dec. 8 through Feb 3.
Guest curators are sculptors Nance Azara and Janet Goldner. There are 27
artists in the exhibition : Meg Belichick; Stephanie Brody Lederman; Dina
Bursztyn; Carole Byard; Nancy Callahan; Ted Clausen; Leila Daw; Lesley Dill;
Jane Gilmore;Suellen Glashausser; Susan Gold; Judy Hoffman; Mary Hood;
Sanrdra Jackman; Tatana Kellner; Ann Kronenberg; Karen Kunk; Angela Lorenz;
Ruth McGurk; Lois Morrision; Jeff Peachy; Helen Ramsaren; Claire Satin;
Miriam Schaer; Susan Share; Nancy Azara, Janet Goldner.

The exhibit now has 37 pieces of varying sizes and installation needs.
Interested venues would need to organize completely , contact artists
directly and adapt to their space.  Video tape, (10 min)  of three of the
artists talking about their work for general audience/school groups also
available. This has been a very exciting show with many educational and
interpretive possiblities.

 If you want  additional information Henry Street will send you the
exhibition check list , press release, invitation , etc. There is no travel
fee; there will be a minimal fee only for the video.  Please contact  Shira
Weinart: shirahss@aol.com.

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