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Glashausser exhibition and book

In the afermath of her sudden passing last month, some of us who loved and
>admired Suellen Glashausser have been talking about how best to honor her
>artistic achievements and cherish the ideals her art embodied.  We've
>considered many ideas, and would like to share a few with you, and solicit
>your feedback. A multi-institutional memorial exhibition has been proposed
>for the Spring of 2002. The list of participating institutions so far
>includes Rutgers University, which will show a cross-section of Suellen's
>over two hundred artists books, and the Amos Eno Gallery, which will exhibit
>some of her paintings and wall works. Two other East Coast cultural and
>educational institutions have voiced a sincere interest in being involved, as
>well, but have not yet finalized schedules. Because Suellen's work spanned
>three divergent mediums, sculpture, painting and book making, it is our
hope that this kind of compartmentalized, multi-located exhibition will
celebrate her
>specific, expressive accomplishments while suggesting underlying similarities
>and structural homologies. Perhaps it will also suggest affinities between
>The Book and painting, as each is conceived within a contemporary perspective.
>In conjunction with the Rutgers exhibition, Barbara Valenta and Michael
>Joseph are organizing an artists' book tribute--a collaborative, free-form,
>work for which they are inviting the participation of Suellen's colleagues,
>friends, students, and anyone who was touched or influenced by her work. The
>book will be presented to Suellen's family at the exhibition opening. The
exact format of the book is yet to be decided (suggestions are welcome-we've
been considering something with screw posts but are very open to other
ideas). If you think you would like to donate a page, or know others not
subscribing to this list whom we should contact (or whom you can contact),
please get in touch with Barbara Valenta at the e-mail address below.
(Please write the word Suellen in the subject column so I'll know it's a
bona-fide e-mail. Thanks. BV) We'll provide more details as to format later.
The page will consist of any content that you wish-with or without words.
Also, people wishing to share their memories of Suellen during the
exhibition Opening, are cordially and sincerely invited to contact us
(Please contact Michael Joseph at the e-mail address below in this
regard)--Just a reminder-please don't reply to the whole list for these
e-mails. We're looking forward to working with all of you to make this a
beautiful and meaningful event. We will make a more formal post to the list
when we have worked out more of the details.
With all good wishes,
Michael Joseph and Barbara Valenta

>>mjoseph@rci.rutgers.edu (Michael Joseph)
>bvalenta@mindspring.com (Barbara Valenta)

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