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Hollander beater for sale

Hi folks,

Sending this message for someone who isn't on-line

Frank Sierzega
Studio in Mamaroneck, NY (Westchester County)
Home: (914) 381-1252
Studio: (914) 882-1551

Due to his long-time partner's ill health, he's closing down and selling
equipment from her papermaking studio.

Hollander beater is pictured at

Hollander beater (Valley beater-style) will beat about 1 1/2 pounds of dry
pulp. Dates from 1935 and is a working machine. Asking $2,000 (in my humble
opinion it's a good deal for a working beater).

The Standing Book Press has a platen 16" X 24" and he's asking $750. In
working condition.

Needs to move equipment by end of January as the studio is closed and they
have given up the studio space.

Please forward to your friends who may be on the look-out for either piece
of equipment.

<http://www.dhproductions.net >

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