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lecture announcement

The New York Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers invites you to a lecture
given by Mindell Dubansky:
"Alfred Launder, Master Bookbinder"

Tuesday, February 6, 2001 at 6pm

At the American Bible Society
1865 Broadway (at 61st Street)
New York, NY  10023
In the First Floor Committee Room

Mindell Dubansky will describe the discovery of Alfred Launder's "Textbook
for Rebinding Rare Books" and her subsequent research into Alfred Launder's
life and professional career.  A former "Bookbinding Specialist" in the
Metropolitan Museum of Art's Department of Prints, Mr. Launder wrote this
textbook explaining the methods of repair and rebinding which he developed
during his years at the Museum (1929-1948). Examination of this work by
modern bookbinders and conservators is now possible through its recent
publication in the GBW Journal.  Ms. Dubansky finds that, while many of the
techniques described therein are no longer in favor, the examples of Mr.
Launder's work in the Museum's collection show an unusual sensitivity to
the repair of books for his time. The textbook as a historical document,
combined with Ms. Dubansky's research into Launder's life, give a rare
picture of a binder working early in the last century.

Mindell Dubansky is an Associate Museum Librarian for Preservation at
Thomas J. Watson Library, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

RSVP: By January 31st to Alexis Hagadorn preferably via email:
or phone 212-854-8081

A reception will follow the lecture.

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