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Re: Source of Japanese Book Cloth - Where is Johnson?

Peter - you might also try Rising Sun Book Cloth, if he's still in
business (can't remember the owner's name). A Dallas-based wholesaler.

Last address is 114 Express St.; Dallas, TX 75207.

Phone number I have is 214-748-9894, but we've had some area code
changes, so you might also try area code 972. Fax is 214-747-8255

>        Brian Johnson has sold his business to Campbell-Logan Bindery in
>Minneapolis, MN.  Our phone numbers are 1-800-942-6224 & 612-332-1313.  You
>can find prices and stock listings at the Supply Division portion of our
>web site:     http://www.campbell-logan.com
>    "All my life I wanted to be someone;
>  I guess I should have been more specific."
>               ~ Jane Wagner ~
>  Duncan   http://www.campbell-logan.com
>       Campbell-Logan Bindery, Inc.
>             Minneapolis, MN

Julie Sullivan

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