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Commercial gilding/list protocol

Hello again all,
   My apologies to all on the list; I requested that any information about
commercial gilding purveyors be sent to me off-list, when quite obviously
the info could be of interest to many. That was my first query/comment, as I
am new to the Book_Arts list, and I am still absorbing its potential as a
resource as well as the rules keeping it viable; but bear with me---I'll
catch on!
   Anyway, the skinny on high-volume gilding repeatedly reveals one name:
   R. Marchetti Bros.
   87 Richardson St.
   Brooklyn, NY   11211
   Tel (718) 387-4772
   Fax (718) 387-4799

Should any other names become salient I'll add them, too..
     Bill Cotter
      The Milou Bindery
        Austin, Texas
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