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books! come & get 'em!

hello to you all,

hope your year is going swimmingly so far  -
apologies for the mass mailing -

here's the scoop:

I've finally decided this year to start selling my books, and although
seeing them in PERSON is so much
more satisfying,  I've set up a TOOKNAP PRESS web site (groan).  the thing
still isn't completely finished but I figure if I don't send out an email
soon the site will lay dormant &
pathetic in the netherspaces of whatever.

the address is...


OR you can go to glazedglitter.com & click on tooknap press.

most of what I've got on the site are blank books, & a couple of books with
line art drawings inside.
the site is really a teaser, so if you're interested in seeing them BY ALL
MEANS let me know (even if
you don't want to buy them.  really.  I'm serious).

some notes on what ISN'T yet up online:

a book of poems (by me) entitled "constellation prize," which is a tall &
white book bound in a coptic stitch.   I might try doing a cheaper version
that isn't
so elaborate.

a tiny poem-book called "breezy shores", simply stapled together on pink
paper.  CHEAP!

an even tinier (& cheaper!) little ditty called "greenland" which goes for
or three dollars.  handwriting & a bit of thread.

the "scouts" book (no images yet on the site) is color printed & watercolor
on watercolor paper, with an
accordion binding.

PLUS I've got a LOT more coptic bindings with vintage covers that I've been
too lazy to scan.  titles include "Look at Norway!"  "Walls, Gates, and
and "I Hate my Parents!"

please pass on the news to anyone you know that might be interested in
books and/or has a lot of cash to throw around.  all prices are totally

hope everyone is well & write back soon please


christine (pichini) & li'l tru (the dog)


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