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Do NOT send NPR Petition!!!

While I'm sure that the member who just posted the NPR petition meant well,
it is imperative that everyone on the list remember the cardinal rule of the
net: CHECK, DOUBLE-CHECK and TRIPLE-CHECK everything before you send it out
to the whole world. In this particular case, the NPR petition is a wildly
out-of-date urban legend that even five seconds of checking would have
uncovered [sigh].


Here's the official word from the University of Northern Colorado (where you
were supposed to send copies of your e-mail):

Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 15:16:01 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Re: Petition from univnorthco

The petition you received concerning funding for PBS was initiated over 2
years ago by 2 freshman here who had good intentions but poor methodology.
Electronic signatures are virtually useless.

One of the students, wein2688, left the school after 1 semester because the
reaction to this "junk mail" was so adverse. And for more than 2 years [now
more than five -DSR] we have been trying to slay this beast. It just refuses
to die. Please help use to kill this thing by NOT sending it to anyone
anuwhere Just delete it. If you do want to help PBS, contact the local PBS
station or write to your congressman to voice your concerns.

Dutch Mulhern
Information Services
University of Northern Colorado

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