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Zerkall Papers

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Legion Paper is the main distributor for Zerkall in the US.  If you are
interested in purchasing wholesale quantities....  They also have Lana,
Somerset, and Arches papers.

Legion Paper
475 Park Ave. South
New York, NY. 10016
tel 1-800-278-4478
int'l fax 212-683-8996


Jake Benson

Benson's Hand Bindery
Fine Custom Bookbinding & Conservation
Hand Marbled Papers
1319 B Summerville Ave.
Columbia S.C. 29201
Phone: 803.799.1853

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<TITLE>Zerkall Papers</TITLE>
Legion Paper is the main distributor for Zerkall in the US. &nbsp;If you ar=
e interested in purchasing wholesale quantities.... &nbsp;They also have Lan=
a, Somerset, and Arches papers.<BR>
Legion Paper<BR>
475 Park Ave. South<BR>
New York, NY. 10016<BR>
tel 1-800-278-4478<BR>
int'l fax 212-683-8996<BR>
Regards, <BR>
Jake Benson<BR>
<FONT FACE=3D"AppleGaramond Bd">Benson's Hand Bindery<BR>
Fine Custom Bookbinding &amp; Conservation<BR>
Hand Marbled Papers<BR>
1319 B Summerville Ave.<BR>
Columbia S.C. 29201<BR>
Phone: 803.799.1853<BR>


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