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Re: Zerkall smooth White -Book

Zerkall Book (Mouldmade in germany of a mixture of cotton and alpha cellulose-
smooth surface or vellum surface) can be purchased though New York Central fine
art papers. 1 800 950 6111 web site- www.nycentralart.com.  I have not tried
this paper yet, but have tried the "wavy" grain Nideggen for wood engraving and
it worked well without dampening.  I am looking at a bunch of papers-  both
mouldmade and handmade and trying to make a decision on a book I am working on
which will include wood engravings and hand set monotype printed both sides on
dampened paper.

A related question that I have for bookbinders has to do with the weight of
paper.  At what point does the bulk of a paper interfere with the binding
process? I am wondering how heavy or bulky a paper can I print the book which
could  then be reasonably bound in a 16 page (four sheet) signature. Book
weights of around 120 do not seem quite heavy enough to prevent show through
for letterpress and type printed both sides. On the other hand, I am afraid
that  weights of 250  GR/M2  or higher might be too bulky and require more
signatures with less sheets. I have no idea how the increase in signatures would
affect the cost of binding. Never having done this before, perhaps I ought to
consult with binder before purchasing and printing on the paper ? Any
suggestions or advice on paper selection and binding in general would be

Michael McGarvey
First Hand Press

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